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We develop custom mobile communications solutions, web development, consulting, and other business solutions. We also provide marketing services and strategy from our partners
  • Mobile Communications Programming

    Text Communications/Marketing

    • We partnered with the best when it comes to mobile communications software

    • We are an extension by providing the programming and campaign set up

    • Set Up Alerts, Reminders, Emergencies, Mobile Website, Data Capture

    • Digital Kiosk for Rewards, Information, Contesting, Engagement

    • Web integration, Custom APIs, Web Forms, Mobile Coupons, Surveys

    • Mobile Trivia, Integration with current marketing, Private Long Codes, Voting Features, Waitlist

    • & Much Much More!

  • Web Design

    Website Creation & Development

    All concepts & Design

    • Website Hosting

    • Security & Management

    • Landing Page Creation & Conversion Optimization,

    • Pay-for-Performance Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • Pay-for-Performance Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    • Google My Business Setup & Management

    • Business Listings Setup & Management

  • Find New Customers 

    Got a business idea? Need Advice & Solutions? Are You A New Business?

    • Lead Generation Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    • Behavioral & Contextual Display Advertising

    • Website & Search Retargeting

    • Dynamic Retargeting (Auto & E-Commerce)

    • Mobile Geo-Fence Advertising

    • IP ‘Digital Direct Mail’ Advertising

    • Facebook/Instagram Advertising

    • Pay-for-Performance YouTube Advertising

    • OTT & In-Stream Advertising

  • Stay Connected

    Stayed connected with your customers!

    • Social Media Management

    • Reputation Management

    • Online Review Building

    • E-Mail Marketing

    • Text Message Marketing

    • 'Free Wi-Fi' Marketing

    • Custom Audience Marketing

    • CRM/Database Retargeting

  • Consultant Services

    Got a business idea? Need Advice & Solutions? 

    • Let us coach you in setting up your business from birth

    • Business structure and plan 

    • New Business start-up (Business License, Tradename, Duns Registration etc.)

    • Get Strategies and advice that's hard to come by

    • Work smart not hard

    • Available tools and templates

  • E-book Reader

    E-Products & E-Commerce

    E- Books, Online Courses

    • E-books

    • Create an online course

    • Online Store

    • E-Products

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